Mingjia Xie 谢明佳 ☕️

Mingjia Xie 谢明佳

Assistant Professor

Liaoning University

I am an assistant professor in Economics at Li Anmin Institute of Economic Research, Liaoning University. My research interests include health economics, education economics, and applied microeconometrics. My current works include the heterogeneous return to education, mediation analysis of the health effect of retirement, the effect of fertility on health utilization, and the effect of digital economy on labor income.


Liaoning University
Assistant Professor
Liaoning University
March 2022 – Present Liaoning

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Netspar International Pension Workshop
Annual conference of German Economic Association
Annual Conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics
Essen Health Conference


  • xiemingjia@lnu.edu.cn
  • Liaoning University, Chongshan Middle street, Shenyang, Liaoning Province
  • Room 216, Li Anmin Insititute of Economic Research